Heavy Metal Summer Clash

At the Ibanez Guitar Festival not only entertaining performances by various artists from different musical areas take place. No, it will also come to a showdown. We will be witnesses of the Heavy Metal Summer Clash 2016.

Two guitarists will face in a unique confrontation and provide a nail-biting and merciless match.This world class athletes will clash:

Daniel Haniß (Eskimo Callboy)

Marcel Neumann (We Butter The Bread With Butter)

David Friedrich (Eskimo Callboy)

It’s a no-brainer that they won’t treat each other with kid gloves. We can only guess who will leave with the winner’s title and how many guitars will be shredded during the fight. However, it’s safe to say that it will be more than entertaining to find this out.

Further information and details on the Heavy Metal Summer Slam will be available here shortly.

Daniel Haniß

Place Of BirthDortmund, Germany
EquipmentFR6UC, ARZ6UC 
Bands/projectsEskimo Callboy

Marcel Neumann

Place Of BirthGröditsch, Germany
EquipmentFR6UC, FR1620B-WH
Bands/projectsWe Butter The Bread With Butter